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Whether you are a collector of T-shirts, shirts, shoes, bags or other items, a large wardrobe can be built with consideration to the things you need stored and kept organised. It can be fitted with shelves, drawers, hanging rails, tie racks, belt racks and hideaway cabinets. For convenient access, we can also install special additions, such as sensor lighting, so you don't need turn on the bedroom lights or fumble in the dark.

The benefits of floor to ceiling wardrobes go beyond a significant amount of storage space. It is all about your clothes, accessories and how you want to store them to maintain their quality as long as possible. With large wardrobes, a fashionista can fit all their buys in one storage unit. With bespoke wardrobes, the choice of interior fittings are selected based on what best suits the client's needs – your needs. Our expert designers will work with you to understand your specific storage requirements, and ensure that our installers will satisfy such requirements.

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