Here we bear witness to a tale of romance...

We arrived at this home and immediately got the feel that our customer was a man of authenticity, someone who wouldn't let the test of time take away his sense of traditional furnishings.

After all, an old home deserves furniture that accentuates it's natural history and character. Together we proceeded to design something original but in a similar mould to his existing furniture. The results were fantastic and our client was overwhelmingly pleased with the final creation. 

"I had excellent communication from the Wood Monkeys, who were quick to take in and respond to the issues, ready with ideas and adept at modifying and revising these in the light of suggestions from me. Their technical work was first-class, with a touch of artistry added. I'll certainly be back to them for more work in the future. Strongly recommended." - John (Wakefield)

Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK


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